Monday: Barbados Run #3

Monday I did an easy but sweaty 2 mile run on the beach. Photos below of my footprints in the sand, the beach, and a very purple jellyfish I passed.

Friday: Barbados Run #1

This morning was my first run in Barbados. Since I was traveling all day yesterday, I had to do my usual Thursday run today. After getting in late last night and subsequently going to bed late, I managed to get myself up around 7:30 and set out for my run at 8:30. There's a small … Continue reading Friday: Barbados Run #1


I am somehow still in college and on my last Spring Break. That means for nine more days all my posts will be made from my trusty iPhone. Hopefully I will be posting about each of my six runs while in Barbados (normally I won't be posting about every individual run), accompanied of course with … Continue reading FYI it’s SPRING BREAK