It’s Taper Week!

And thank goodness because (I guess) I've been injured. I thought about it yesterday, and realized I'd been limping around since Tuesday. So maybe I haven't blogged in a few days because I've been in denial. I went to the chiropractor on Thursday and along with adjusting me (sort of), he helped me sort out … Continue reading It’s Taper Week!

10 Miles: New Territory & Hydration Endeavors

While everyone was out running the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile sans cherry blossoms last Saturday, I was running my own 10 miles. And I've been too tired (dehydrated?) since to write until now. I was in the Pittsburgh area for the weekend visiting family, so I got a change of scenery. 10 miles is a … Continue reading 10 Miles: New Territory & Hydration Endeavors

Saturdays aren’t for sleeping in

Saturday long runs are consistently my favorite part of the week. I look forward to them no matter where I am or how early I inevitably have to wake up. I used to run in the early afternoon on Saturdays, but as of late I've gotten used to being an early bird. I guess it … Continue reading Saturdays aren’t for sleeping in

Long Run to End Week 7 & Ready for More

9.61. Week 7 has concluded and that means just over a month left until my half marathon. Today was supposed to be a 9 mile long run with the run club. To my happy surprise about half the group was running 9 today too. The beginning of the run was going slow, so once I … Continue reading Long Run to End Week 7 & Ready for More