Thursday: Barbados Run #5 (Vacation’s almost over!)

On Thursday I went a similar route as Tuesday's run, and the route I had originally set out to do for last Saturday's long run. This took me gradually but struggling uphill into Royal Westmoreland Golf Course. I logged 4.3 miles and got some wonderful rash on my right leg that stung me periodically throughout … Continue reading Thursday: Barbados Run #5 (Vacation’s almost over!)


Tuesday: Barbados Run #4

Yesterday saw a half mile increase in the usual Tuesday run. As the half marathon training is progressing so is the mileage; Tuesdays are now for 3.5 mile runs. I hit the road again in the morning, after postponing my run for almost an hour because there was some intermittent down-pouring. The run itself was … Continue reading Tuesday: Barbados Run #4