About me

Running is my passion, sanity, dream, and adventure.

I’m a trail runner based in San Francisco. (Some may even say I’m an ultra runner.) The parks in SF and the Marin Headlands are my home trails. Take me anywhere though, and I’ll find new trails to explore. November Project – SF is my tribe, Kezar Stadium is my track, and San Francisco Running Company is where you’ll find me most Saturdays. Occasionally you might find me running on the road to get to the next trail.

I run for rabbit apparel as a RAD rabbit, and love to support brands that feel good and do good. My current gear and fuel lineup includes Altra, Topo, Ultimate Direction, Stance, Squirrel’s Nut Butter, Vega, Gu, Skratch, Trail Butter, Huma, YakTrax, & Leki.

I also dabble in climbing, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, yoga, kickball, and a variety of other sports, and I’d like to get better at them all. The more time I can spend being active outside, the happier I am.


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